Post-COVID19: The New Norm

The post-pandemic of COVID-19 will shape a different future of the economy. Practices of new habits and regulations based on reduced close-contact interactions (social distancing), strict travel and hygiene restrictions will be the new norm.

This current situation has impacted humanity at a social level and change the way we normally go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant to eating takeouts and deliveries at home, commuting to office culture will transcend to blaming the internet connection for showing up late to online meeting conferences. Eventually, our livelihood change in an unprecedented rate and the good ol' days would be forgotten amidst this strange times we lived in.

The world is changing towards a positive approach from government authority policies to new social behaviours adapting with this current situation of controlling the spread of the virus.

1. Limited gatherings

Gatherings of crowd will be regulated and business like bars, clubs, cinema theatre and festival events won't be allowed as opposed to authority policies to control the spread of the virus.

2. Travel restrictions

Interstate or international travels are restricted unless you are authorise for work purpose. This goes to show that industries like aviation, airlines, travel agents, hotels and tourism are in a bad time for business.

3. Hygiene

IT'S A PRIORITY! Imagine how germaphobe people evolved from being paranoid to extra-paranoid and normal people are becoming one. Hand sanitisers, soap and toilet papers are the new commodities. What a time to be alive!

4. Remote working

Many business encourage their employees to work remotely. Even some schools and academic institutions offers online classes. Video conference has been widely used ever since the lockdown and this shows that the adoption of remote working practice can be broadly defined as a reaction move. The transition of virtual operations was not just necessary but somehow it is a mandatory case.

The year 2020 may have been part of history at a pedestal of crisis like World War, Financial Crisis and The Great Depression. COVID-19 triggered the revolution of civilisation handling a pandemic outbreak and it will be important for the future generation to adapt and survive any form of world crisis to protect and preserve human race and habitat.


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